New Sony D-SLR Camera!

Actually, it’s more like their first DSLR Camera. It appears that Sony has announced that the will be selling a new DSLR Camera (known in Japanese as 一眼レフカメラ ichigan refu kamera) this summer. It new line appears to have been christianed 「α (alpha Greek letter a)」. Unsurprisingly, their new line will use the [alpha-mounts] from Konica-Minolta. If you understand Japanese, you can click here to visit the Sony site.

Haha, looks like I have something to look forward this Summer. eh. wait. when’s Summer?

New Sony Camera! DSC-T30

Haha, people are probably going to slam me for being a Sony fan again but what the heck!

 DSC-T30 It’s an upgrade from the previous T9 with 7.2 Mega pixel, Really large preview screen, 30fps 640x 480 MPEG-1 movie, ISO1000 (yeah rite. I’ll believe it when i see it, though with the 7.2 Mega pixel, just shrinking the image would make it much sharper already.), High ISO Noise reduction, and 58M internal Memory (Of course expandible with a duo). The battery appears to have been changed to a new one, one that can take 420 pictures instead of 240. And the thickness has increased from 20.6mm to 23.3mm. Still comes with the image stab that came with the T9. Don’t know if it’s improved though…

Anyway, there’s more information here.

..oh ya, it will begin selling in Japan on the 21 of this month… Don’t know when it will come here though.

Back in the day…

Marine Parade

There was a time when people used to think we couldn’t speak English, but we did…
There was a time when grammar seemed too much for us to take, but we did…
Our grammar was better, back in the day, putting sentences together, happily and gleefully!


This is my hawker sign, in Marine Parade.
Written in language, which I’m now afraid.
That in our race, to gold galore,
Our English is not soooo good, not good anymore.

NUS “World-class” University

Recently the University has changed some of the signs at the “tray-return-points”. The old signs made me cringe everytime i looked at them because of their mavellous english. And then i realised the new ones were no better. In fact they were exactly the same.

Who uses utensils to eat? It’s crockery and cutlery for crying out loud! Even if we do not profess to speak commonwealth english, Americans would call them tableware and flatware.

iWant – keitai

Recently, i saw on a cool phone at clubsonyericsson (Yes, i know, it’s a Sony.) . The spanking new M600 is a 3G touchscreen phone that has many PDA functions (those that can be found in the P-series) and “… since it runs on the same Symbian 9.1 OS/UIQ 3 interface as the P990, it also features all kinds of smartphone goodies: RSS reader, Opera 8 HTML web browser, Word, Excel and PowerPoint editors, VPN client, McAffee virus protection and firewall, Push email compatible with Blackberry, Exchange and a bunch of other applications … ” (excerpt taken from clubsonyericsson: ) But the most important feature, and i’m sure that my colleagues will be most interested in that all important feature, is that it does not have a camera.

Haha, i guess it’s time i start learning how to program on the Symbian …

Sigh. Still got so much work to do…

Today kanna complain website is boring. No new updates. Well, I was busy. Busy programming. Wasn’t the best way to spend my 4 days of break but well… what the heck.

Still got lots of work to do… sigh… 疲れた。

1 x 2500 word Japanese essay.
1 x Project (read essay) on ISP Liability and Defamation in Cyber Space.
1 x Real Estate (read mambo jumbo) to read to prepare for the tutorials.
1 x Business Law (read legal mambo jumbo) tutorial to complete. Sigh need to read legal cases.
1 x Japanese thank you card (read MORE WORK) to do.
1 x Mathematical Logic (read ???!?) assignment to hand-in on Friday.

Sigh. It seems that even before Monday is over, I have more work then I started out with.

Tommorrow Sure Die

Hahaha! Tommorrow will be the worst day of my academic life! It’s the group theory exam! And I still haven’t got a clue what’s going on! Hahaha! Sigh. Oh well. I hope not all the questions are of the level of difficulty of the Assignments and maybe I can do at least some of them. Still 2.5 hours for 10 questions is a bit too many …

Coffee Club

Anyhow, for the next picture in my series (of rather useless pictures) I have the bean express!

Study study study

Man, this is boring. With so much more to go, I don’t see how I can finish … sigh. Oh well. I have one more picture to add to my boredom collection. Should really get back to work … Fishing

Still not mugging

Sigh. Didn’t do anything much today again other than play games. やばいな。ドラゴンクエスト8はとても楽しかったな。やばい、やばい。もうすぐ試験の時間だな。どうしょうかな。日本語の復習まだ始めるな、こんばんは必ず始めなきゃ。難しいね。いろいろな言葉や文法を忘れてしまったんだね。でもフォトショップで描いた絵はすばらしかったな。First Painting

Half-way again…

Seems that everytime I try to start something, I never seem to finish it. Sigh. So much for the New Year Resolution. In fact, I should be mugging for my papers right now but somehow, I can’t seem to get started on it. I’m currently trying to write a simple quiz database from my Japanese classes but it doesn’t really seem to be working out very well. (Not very good with Access I guess) Oh well, at least I finished typing out that first chapter of vocabulary into the computer. Now I just need to figure out how to work this damn thing to check and create new tables of new practice sheets I want to do.

Argh! Must try to finish one time at a time…