When I was younger …

Just today I was listening to some 80’s music and remembered a rather funny incident. When I first heard of the 80’s I thought it was some kind of disease. And as a testament to how good English might help …

Friend: “Hey Jerome! Do you have (any) 80’s (music)?”

Me: “Erm. No … I don’t have A-tees. (I think.)”

Lazy Daze

With 5 more days to go before my last two papers start, and me still being in sort of a lazy daze, I wonder if i’m actually going to get through to the end of it.

I find myself wondering what life would be like after school when I do finally go back to work. Many changes have happened since I had left and I’m not sure how I would fit back in. Actually more importantly, since I would have accomplished my main goal of using the scholarship to get me an education, I seem to have nothing left to aim for. Which kinda makes the whole life thing seem a little meaningless.

Much of my time recently have been spent coding an application for my newly acquired toy — a second-hand Sony LibriĆ© — when it should have been spend studying. Haha. Somehow, I guess the drive to study something that doesn’t immediately have any practical use needs a lot of motivation. Anyhow, I must say the device have been delightfully good at what it has been designed for — reading books — although the software leaves much to be desired. Anyhow, I have embarked on a project to convert some of my heavier books into BBeB — Sony’s ebook format — so that I can take it with me and read. I have already converted some 15 chapters of the “Singapore Story” to the format and must admit that it is possibly the laziest way one can read a book.

Pepperoni and Cheeze!

With the Physics Term paper handed in, and most of the modules done for the semester, I feel that a big load has lifted off my back. Just one more semester to go and that will probably be the end of my study life and soon it will be back to work as usual. I would have liked to be able to say that these four years spent study was fun and enjoyable. And perhaps in some ways it has been. But truly it has been a rather tiring three and a half years and the only thing that I really remember is how much I detested study when I was younger. All those years in school mulling over the books and hating every moment of it came rushing back to me as I started my second semester. Oh well.

While i’m certainly not a good author, since I spent so much time writing this silly essay and since Lim Ting wanted a copy, I thought I might as well compile it into a pdf and upload it onto the server. So, don’t expect a Dan Brown! Enjoy!

P.S. All the badly drawn pictures are done by yours truly so don’t you go sticking it around without some kind of compensation! :P

The ALL new Cybershot T-10

Hahaha! Just when I thought I should buy a new compact camera, having procastinated since the T9, AND having bought one during the last COMEX, Sony has to go ahead and announce an all new Cybershot T50! Sigh.

Anyways, if you wait for things, it’ll only get better. And if you keep waiting, then you’ll never get what you need.

So I bought the white color T10, which incidentally of course is what I believe to be the best looking colour of the lot. (That’s if you don’t look at the red colour T50 which is up and coming this October.) It’s a very compact camera and runs from the same series as the T9. Meaning to say the build and the size and shape is that of the T9. So the features which the T30 has, i.e. the large 3″ screen and double the battery life as the T9, are not present on the T10. Additionally, I also found out then that the flash on the T30 is actually a more powerful flash unit compared to the T9/T10. So what’s been upgraded then? Mainly, its the ISO’s gone up to 1000 and the Super Steady Shot is “suppposed” to be better. But I think the main improvement is the COLOUR! Hahaha!

Had wanted to post up the pictures of the camera but then I was too lazy to get off my butt and grab my F717 to take the pictures. Well, if you are looking for it you probably can get to see it on online. Looks exactly the same real life. (Only better. :) )

If you’re looking for the T50, you probably could find it here.

The senility of life

In one of those strange events that happen. I find myself in a bar, iced one as that, with loud music blaring, smoke in the air, and strangely waiting for a soccer game to start. Germany and Argentina. Funny how life seems to deal you a wild card once in a while.
Here i was, wondering what more amazing a thing than waiting for a soccer game to begin could happen to me when lo and behold, my ex boss waltzed into the bar.

Gee whiz. Doesn’t get any better than this. :) ha ha.

This set me thinking, about something, totally ashew, here we were reliving the old days, and bitching about how things have changed, and how things should be when it suddenly hit me. Hey! Why are we always thinking about how great things were in the hay day? Why is it always that life before is always better? Always brighter? Always more fun? Is this human psyche or is this really a true reflection of how much society has changed?

Ha ha, so Germany won in the end. Quite sad isn’t it? Argentina seemed to be the better team.

Meaning of (my) Life

Argh. Day in and day out I go to work and do what the company employs me to do. And day after day I go home after work, eat, have a drink, surf the Net, and then sleep.
After a while I wonder whats up with life? Shouldn’t there be more to it afterall? Is that why i’ve been always been told to cherish my life as a kid?
Or was it simply because I was happier because I was educated less? Perhaps less educated people are happier. And it does seem so to me. They seem to make friends easier, have better relationships with people and on the whole lead more fulfilling lives. Hmm. Maybe that’s it. Perhaps human beings are goal driven. Perhaps we need something to aim for otherwise our life is meaningless. Perhaps its not so much of what life has to offer but more of what I want out of it.

Ha ha.

I need a life.

The M1 3G Service

I think i’m getting hang of this new keyboard. Messaging is much easier now and i more or less press the right keys now. Just finished trying out the IM+ application that lets you connect to the various messenger services on the M600. Quite an interesting experience i guess since you are connected to the internet at nearly all the time. Does wonders to battery life too. Sure hope that they release a larger capacity battery soon.
The messenger app transfers very little and holding a connection for an hour will result in a transfer of about 13kb only. Of course when you are conversing to someone the data transfered will go up but i think its actually quite reasonably. More so than i had initially imagined.
I finally gave a call to M1 yesterday and found out how, as it was explained by the lady over the phone, the M1 3G service work. First of all, there are actually two addresses or access points that you need to use. One is called “miworld” and the other is “sunsurf”. The miworld address, as i figure it, is used when you want to do video streaming. Apparently the is some sort of encryption that is used so the settings are peculiar to 3G phones. The sursuft setting is not available on the phone as a default and you’ll have to key it in manually. The reason for needing to access the sunsurf point is because miworld doesn’t work with www websites and pop3/imap email accounts. Now so just when are you accessing the network at 3G speeds and when are you doing GPRS? The answer received is that depends only on whether or not you are in good 3G coverage and not which access point you are using. Interesting eh? Ha ha. All i wish though is someway to set the phone not to access GPRS in order to see if 3G is really fast but unfortunately i don’t think there is such a feature on the M600.
Speaking of which after spending some time with the phone i’m beginning to see some of it’s more apparent flaws. At the top of the list is no new message icon or missed call icon on the screen when the keypad is locked. Is in my opinion is a big flaw. At least for my K750i, any new messages or calls missed will result in the corresponding icon being displayed on the screen. Also, the phone is a touch laggy. Probably because of the complicated OS since it even has threading. Palm doesn’t have that. (at least not on os 5). But that is probably why Palm is more responsive. So this phone is not for those who are very particular fast menus when sms’ng. However since it does have the option for msn on the go, maybe it will appeal to some.

New phone!

Yo! I find myself in Wisma Atria eating eggs and bread and blogging at the same time. Altogether a rather strange experience. Just got me self a new phone and it is great. The new M600i, 3G phone without a camera. The perfect device for work. Well at least where i work. The keyboard er keypad is unique in that it has only 20 buttons but sports a full qwerty keys. It does this by assigning the first 15 keys 2 letters. Those keys don’t press down in the usual way and are what, as sony terms them rocker keys. As the name implies, the keys can be depressed to the left or right using its centre as a pivot. While it does take a little getting used to. The keys altogether have a nice tactile feel to it and it feels like if a get used to it, i’ll be able to word much faster since each letter is assigned to a specific “key”.
The M1 3G service on the other hand has been a mixed bag and somewhat disappointing. I can’t seem to understand the settings and the internet connection doesn’t feel like I’m on a 3G network at all. First few days i couldn’t get my email working at all and it wasn’t until i tried to see what the free Sony Internet phone setting service would set to get the thing working. Surprisingly the settings worked off the bat and i discovered that there seems to be some problems when the network address is set to miworld. Haven’t got a clue why. Will call and check with the M1 staff later.

A Distant Memory

Life is weird.
I don’t really know if it’s just me but sometimes I’ll just find myself sitting in some crowded place with a lot of noise only to find that it’s actually really quiet.
And before I know it, I begin to reminisce of the many things that have happened to me in my past. And surprising (and a little disappointingly) I remember all the things that I had really just wanted to forget. Haha. I guess some things can’t be just forgotten over a couple glasses of wine over a decade of events. Incidentally, I don’t even like Shiraz.
And before I know it half of it is already gone. Haha.
Today, the memory was that of 8 years ago when I had left a bag of half-eaten potatoe chips in the office of a QFI in a rather god-forsaken place down under. Strangely it still haunts me. Then again perhaps not so strangely since I behaved in a manner which upon reflection I would have never done so if I had been younger. And yet thinking about it now 8 years later it still irritates the hell out of me. And I find myself asking me over and over again. Why?
Haha. Why do i still remember? In fact I still remember all the silly things that I did as a kid and all the really stupid things I did in JC. Haha. I still don’t find them funny at all. I thought they are supposed to become funny when you get older. More than a decade gone I still find them more of a scar in reminiscence than a silly action done in my youth.
Ah. My favourite watch stopped. Need to go get the battery replaced again. Haha. The gang would probably chide me for having a quartz watch as something that I would keep. It’s quite a nice watch. And i’m sure that JT would certainly still remember when I first received it. A bit sad. A bit happy. A bit confused. Haha.

The other day I was back at my aunt’s and I found my old box of stuff. Reading some of the letters and “stuff” that I wrote when I was younger I must say that I don’t recognise my writing style and manner at all. I didn’t even think that It was ME who wrote them. Some of the thoughts and phrases where so focused (and unfocused) that I couldn’t help comparing me now and me then. It was so easy back then. Just go with who I were. Really remembered (haha maybe in a foggy sort of way) that I lived for me and it was the real me. Now, today, I wonder. A lot of times I find me,self responding and reacting before even thinking about what the response should be and then suddenly realising, “hey shit! Is that really me?”. Then comtemplating about what I say and do reactively I then start to wonder who I really am. Is it the things that I do spontanously without thinking (which unfortuantely happen to be things that I find I wouldn’t really normally do) or are they the things that I actually think about?

What makes a person a person?

Who am I?

Funny. I ask myself this question whenever I need to make a phonecall which I had wished I didn’t have to make. Just like the ones I had to do today. Haha. But once the conversation started, it was as if my subconciousness took over and directed how I should speak and react. In the right manner. Not ME. But rather how I should be perceived to be. (Perhaps) Actually, I don’t know who I am when the subconciousness takes over. I’m actually just in for the ride. It’s almost as if it’s like some kind of time sharing thingy that happens and makes me wonder HEY! who’s there?

Sony T-30 Now Selling!

Haha! Just received a mailer that the Sony T-30 is selling in the stores now! A quick check at sony.com revealed a MSRP of S$799. Hmmm… Wonder where would be the cheapest…