Sigh. Still got so much work to do…

Today kanna complain website is boring. No new updates. Well, I was busy. Busy programming. Wasn’t the best way to spend my 4 days of break but well… what the heck.

Still got lots of work to do… sigh… 疲れた。

1 x 2500 word Japanese essay.
1 x Project (read essay) on ISP Liability and Defamation in Cyber Space.
1 x Real Estate (read mambo jumbo) to read to prepare for the tutorials.
1 x Business Law (read legal mambo jumbo) tutorial to complete. Sigh need to read legal cases.
1 x Japanese thank you card (read MORE WORK) to do.
1 x Mathematical Logic (read ???!?) assignment to hand-in on Friday.

Sigh. It seems that even before Monday is over, I have more work then I started out with.

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