Do you ever get the feeling that …

you are going to die soon? Recently, I’ve been having lots of aches and pain from various parts of my body. The most troublingly of all are the aches I get from my head. They are like little migranes that suddenly happen out of the blue and I can’t seem to put my finger on the reason why they occur. They kind of give me the feeling that maybe, just maybe I might have BRAIN TUMOUR!

I do get some relief from the ache and pain if I massage the affected area of my head for a while. While it does seem to help, the aches don’t seem to want to go away. It seems that every year, there is a new thing that is wrong with my body. Don’t really think it’s got to do with what I eat. Hmmm … I’ve also been having this bouts of tiredness that force me to take a nap. Sigh. I must be getting MUCH older already. In fact, I feel much older already. Wonder if it’s going to be my turn soon?

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