Lazy Daze

With 5 more days to go before my last two papers start, and me still being in sort of a lazy daze, I wonder if i’m actually going to get through to the end of it.

I find myself wondering what life would be like after school when I do finally go back to work. Many changes have happened since I had left and I’m not sure how I would fit back in. Actually more importantly, since I would have accomplished my main goal of using the scholarship to get me an education, I seem to have nothing left to aim for. Which kinda makes the whole life thing seem a little meaningless.

Much of my time recently have been spent coding an application for my newly acquired toy — a second-hand Sony LibriĆ© — when it should have been spend studying. Haha. Somehow, I guess the drive to study something that doesn’t immediately have any practical use needs a lot of motivation. Anyhow, I must say the device have been delightfully good at what it has been designed for — reading books — although the software leaves much to be desired. Anyhow, I have embarked on a project to convert some of my heavier books into BBeB — Sony’s ebook format — so that I can take it with me and read. I have already converted some 15 chapters of the “Singapore Story” to the format and must admit that it is possibly the laziest way one can read a book.

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