Pepperoni and Cheeze!

With the Physics Term paper handed in, and most of the modules done for the semester, I feel that a big load has lifted off my back. Just one more semester to go and that will probably be the end of my study life and soon it will be back to work as usual. I would have liked to be able to say that these four years spent study was fun and enjoyable. And perhaps in some ways it has been. But truly it has been a rather tiring three and a half years and the only thing that I really remember is how much I detested study when I was younger. All those years in school mulling over the books and hating every moment of it came rushing back to me as I started my second semester. Oh well.

While i’m certainly not a good author, since I spent so much time writing this silly essay and since Lim Ting wanted a copy, I thought I might as well compile it into a pdf and upload it onto the server. So, don’t expect a Dan Brown! Enjoy!

P.S. All the badly drawn pictures are done by yours truly so don’t you go sticking it around without some kind of compensation! :P

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