The ALL new Cybershot T-10

Hahaha! Just when I thought I should buy a new compact camera, having procastinated since the T9, AND having bought one during the last COMEX, Sony has to go ahead and announce an all new Cybershot T50! Sigh.

Anyways, if you wait for things, it’ll only get better. And if you keep waiting, then you’ll never get what you need.

So I bought the white color T10, which incidentally of course is what I believe to be the best looking colour of the lot. (That’s if you don’t look at the red colour T50 which is up and coming this October.) It’s a very compact camera and runs from the same series as the T9. Meaning to say the build and the size and shape is that of the T9. So the features which the T30 has, i.e. the large 3″ screen and double the battery life as the T9, are not present on the T10. Additionally, I also found out then that the flash on the T30 is actually a more powerful flash unit compared to the T9/T10. So what’s been upgraded then? Mainly, its the ISO’s gone up to 1000 and the Super Steady Shot is “suppposed” to be better. But I think the main improvement is the COLOUR! Hahaha!

Had wanted to post up the pictures of the camera but then I was too lazy to get off my butt and grab my F717 to take the pictures. Well, if you are looking for it you probably can get to see it on online. Looks exactly the same real life. (Only better. :) )

If you’re looking for the T50, you probably could find it here.

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