The senility of life

In one of those strange events that happen. I find myself in a bar, iced one as that, with loud music blaring, smoke in the air, and strangely waiting for a soccer game to start. Germany and Argentina. Funny how life seems to deal you a wild card once in a while.
Here i was, wondering what more amazing a thing than waiting for a soccer game to begin could happen to me when lo and behold, my ex boss waltzed into the bar.

Gee whiz. Doesn’t get any better than this. :) ha ha.

This set me thinking, about something, totally ashew, here we were reliving the old days, and bitching about how things have changed, and how things should be when it suddenly hit me. Hey! Why are we always thinking about how great things were in the hay day? Why is it always that life before is always better? Always brighter? Always more fun? Is this human psyche or is this really a true reflection of how much society has changed?

Ha ha, so Germany won in the end. Quite sad isn’t it? Argentina seemed to be the better team.

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