Meaning of (my) Life

Argh. Day in and day out I go to work and do what the company employs me to do. And day after day I go home after work, eat, have a drink, surf the Net, and then sleep.
After a while I wonder whats up with life? Shouldn’t there be more to it afterall? Is that why i’ve been always been told to cherish my life as a kid?
Or was it simply because I was happier because I was educated less? Perhaps less educated people are happier. And it does seem so to me. They seem to make friends easier, have better relationships with people and on the whole lead more fulfilling lives. Hmm. Maybe that’s it. Perhaps human beings are goal driven. Perhaps we need something to aim for otherwise our life is meaningless. Perhaps its not so much of what life has to offer but more of what I want out of it.

Ha ha.

I need a life.

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