New phone!

Yo! I find myself in Wisma Atria eating eggs and bread and blogging at the same time. Altogether a rather strange experience. Just got me self a new phone and it is great. The new M600i, 3G phone without a camera. The perfect device for work. Well at least where i work. The keyboard er keypad is unique in that it has only 20 buttons but sports a full qwerty keys. It does this by assigning the first 15 keys 2 letters. Those keys don’t press down in the usual way and are what, as sony terms them rocker keys. As the name implies, the keys can be depressed to the left or right using its centre as a pivot. While it does take a little getting used to. The keys altogether have a nice tactile feel to it and it feels like if a get used to it, i’ll be able to word much faster since each letter is assigned to a specific “key”.
The M1 3G service on the other hand has been a mixed bag and somewhat disappointing. I can’t seem to understand the settings and the internet connection doesn’t feel like I’m on a 3G network at all. First few days i couldn’t get my email working at all and it wasn’t until i tried to see what the free Sony Internet phone setting service would set to get the thing working. Surprisingly the settings worked off the bat and i discovered that there seems to be some problems when the network address is set to miworld. Haven’t got a clue why. Will call and check with the M1 staff later.

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