New Sony Camera! DSC-T30

Haha, people are probably going to slam me for being a Sony fan again but what the heck!

 DSC-T30 It’s an upgrade from the previous T9 with 7.2 Mega pixel, Really large preview screen, 30fps 640x 480 MPEG-1 movie, ISO1000 (yeah rite. I’ll believe it when i see it, though with the 7.2 Mega pixel, just shrinking the image would make it much sharper already.), High ISO Noise reduction, and 58M internal Memory (Of course expandible with a duo). The battery appears to have been changed to a new one, one that can take 420 pictures instead of 240. And the thickness has increased from 20.6mm to 23.3mm. Still comes with the image stab that came with the T9. Don’t know if it’s improved though…

Anyway, there’s more information here.

..oh ya, it will begin selling in Japan on the 21 of this month… Don’t know when it will come here though.


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