“Hello Windows Vista!”, “How are you today?”

I saw that “Speech recognition” was listed as a feature for Vista and didn’t think much of it. Afterall, having used the premire state-of-the-art “Dragon Naturally Speaking” a couple of years ago, and remembering the vast amounts of training the software requires, and even after that still have a bit of trouble getting it to work effectively, well, let’s just say I wasn’t too impressed.

BUT seeing the one installed on Vista, there’s this video of someone using it here, I thought, “Wow”. It’s not bad. If I had it I’ll probably not use it. But seeing how you can possibly surf the internet with it, I think Vista might be a nice upgrade for physically-challenged societies.

The M1 3G Service

I think i’m getting hang of this new keyboard. Messaging is much easier now and i more or less press the right keys now. Just finished trying out the IM+ application that lets you connect to the various messenger services on the M600. Quite an interesting experience i guess since you are connected to the internet at nearly all the time. Does wonders to battery life too. Sure hope that they release a larger capacity battery soon.
The messenger app transfers very little and holding a connection for an hour will result in a transfer of about 13kb only. Of course when you are conversing to someone the data transfered will go up but i think its actually quite reasonably. More so than i had initially imagined.
I finally gave a call to M1 yesterday and found out how, as it was explained by the lady over the phone, the M1 3G service work. First of all, there are actually two addresses or access points that you need to use. One is called “miworld” and the other is “sunsurf”. The miworld address, as i figure it, is used when you want to do video streaming. Apparently the is some sort of encryption that is used so the settings are peculiar to 3G phones. The sursuft setting is not available on the phone as a default and you’ll have to key it in manually. The reason for needing to access the sunsurf point is because miworld doesn’t work with www websites and pop3/imap email accounts. Now so just when are you accessing the network at 3G speeds and when are you doing GPRS? The answer received is that depends only on whether or not you are in good 3G coverage and not which access point you are using. Interesting eh? Ha ha. All i wish though is someway to set the phone not to access GPRS in order to see if 3G is really fast but unfortunately i don’t think there is such a feature on the M600.
Speaking of which after spending some time with the phone i’m beginning to see some of it’s more apparent flaws. At the top of the list is no new message icon or missed call icon on the screen when the keypad is locked. Is in my opinion is a big flaw. At least for my K750i, any new messages or calls missed will result in the corresponding icon being displayed on the screen. Also, the phone is a touch laggy. Probably because of the complicated OS since it even has threading. Palm doesn’t have that. (at least not on os 5). But that is probably why Palm is more responsive. So this phone is not for those who are very particular fast menus when sms’ng. However since it does have the option for msn on the go, maybe it will appeal to some.

New phone!

Yo! I find myself in Wisma Atria eating eggs and bread and blogging at the same time. Altogether a rather strange experience. Just got me self a new phone and it is great. The new M600i, 3G phone without a camera. The perfect device for work. Well at least where i work. The keyboard er keypad is unique in that it has only 20 buttons but sports a full qwerty keys. It does this by assigning the first 15 keys 2 letters. Those keys don’t press down in the usual way and are what, as sony terms them rocker keys. As the name implies, the keys can be depressed to the left or right using its centre as a pivot. While it does take a little getting used to. The keys altogether have a nice tactile feel to it and it feels like if a get used to it, i’ll be able to word much faster since each letter is assigned to a specific “key”.
The M1 3G service on the other hand has been a mixed bag and somewhat disappointing. I can’t seem to understand the settings and the internet connection doesn’t feel like I’m on a 3G network at all. First few days i couldn’t get my email working at all and it wasn’t until i tried to see what the free Sony Internet phone setting service would set to get the thing working. Surprisingly the settings worked off the bat and i discovered that there seems to be some problems when the network address is set to miworld. Haven’t got a clue why. Will call and check with the M1 staff later.

Sony T-30 Now Selling!

Haha! Just received a mailer that the Sony T-30 is selling in the stores now! A quick check at sony.com revealed a MSRP of S$799. Hmmm… Wonder where would be the cheapest…

New Sony D-SLR Camera!

Actually, it’s more like their first DSLR Camera. It appears that Sony has announced that the will be selling a new DSLR Camera (known in Japanese as 一眼レフカメラ ichigan refu kamera) this summer. It new line appears to have been christianed 「α (alpha Greek letter a)」. Unsurprisingly, their new line will use the [alpha-mounts] from Konica-Minolta. If you understand Japanese, you can click here to visit the Sony site.

Haha, looks like I have something to look forward this Summer. eh. wait. when’s Summer?

New Sony Camera! DSC-T30

Haha, people are probably going to slam me for being a Sony fan again but what the heck!

 DSC-T30 It’s an upgrade from the previous T9 with 7.2 Mega pixel, Really large preview screen, 30fps 640x 480 MPEG-1 movie, ISO1000 (yeah rite. I’ll believe it when i see it, though with the 7.2 Mega pixel, just shrinking the image would make it much sharper already.), High ISO Noise reduction, and 58M internal Memory (Of course expandible with a duo). The battery appears to have been changed to a new one, one that can take 420 pictures instead of 240. And the thickness has increased from 20.6mm to 23.3mm. Still comes with the image stab that came with the T9. Don’t know if it’s improved though…

Anyway, there’s more information here.

..oh ya, it will begin selling in Japan on the 21 of this month… Don’t know when it will come here though.

iWant – keitai

Recently, i saw on a cool phone at clubsonyericsson (Yes, i know, it’s a Sony.) . The spanking new M600 is a 3G touchscreen phone that has many PDA functions (those that can be found in the P-series) and “… since it runs on the same Symbian 9.1 OS/UIQ 3 interface as the P990, it also features all kinds of smartphone goodies: RSS reader, Opera 8 HTML web browser, Word, Excel and PowerPoint editors, VPN client, McAffee virus protection and firewall, Push email compatible with Blackberry, Exchange and a bunch of other applications … ” (excerpt taken from clubsonyericsson: ) But the most important feature, and i’m sure that my colleagues will be most interested in that all important feature, is that it does not have a camera.

Haha, i guess it’s time i start learning how to program on the Symbian …