Chwee Kueh @ EunosFor some reason I’m sick again. And with the same symptoms as before. Don’t remember falling sick so easily last time. Perhaps I’m getting old.

It’s lonely up there

I used to think that it was simply a figure of speech. Or perhaps the sorry individual didn’t wasn’t sociable enough to keep his friends. Or perhaps he never really did have any friends to start with.
But I’m beginning to see how this can happen. And I suppose it’s just inevitable. As your friends who double as your colleagues rise in the organisation, they would gradually drift apart. Structurally and systematically, as we work towards different goals, it’s almost by design that you would lose all your friends. 不思議な。

Aimless …

After finishing studies and returning to “Real” life, I suddenly find myself rather aimless. Having achieved my objective for joining the force, i’m now wandering aimlessly without any “real” objective just wanting to do my time and buzz off.

Strangely it reminds me of the time when I was talking to Kelvin and finding myself without a goal in life. Where should I go from here? I don’t know. And there aren’t any escapes anymore. Can’t drink cause of the liver. Don’t smoke. Being sane is really making me insane. All the stuff I used to do for fun no longer seem any fun anymore.

Seems to me it’s about time.

Serves Up!

Today, I suddenly have a desire to cook Japanese hamburgers for dinner. Must have been that show that I recently saw, “エンジン” (Engine), where I saw Kimutaku eating a hamburger with egg. So I whipped out my trusty Japanese cookbook and did me a rather good rendition of the typical Japanese hamburger.


Tastes just like one too! It’s rather easy to make, barring the fact that there are a couple of key points that the book highlighted that one should be aware of, and disregarding the instances where I may have messed up and read some sentences wrongly (my Japanese isn’t very good).

Do you ever get the feeling that …

you are going to die soon? Recently, I’ve been having lots of aches and pain from various parts of my body. The most troublingly of all are the aches I get from my head. They are like little migranes that suddenly happen out of the blue and I can’t seem to put my finger on the reason why they occur. They kind of give me the feeling that maybe, just maybe I might have BRAIN TUMOUR!

I do get some relief from the ache and pain if I massage the affected area of my head for a while. While it does seem to help, the aches don’t seem to want to go away. It seems that every year, there is a new thing that is wrong with my body. Don’t really think it’s got to do with what I eat. Hmmm … I’ve also been having this bouts of tiredness that force me to take a nap. Sigh. I must be getting MUCH older already. In fact, I feel much older already. Wonder if it’s going to be my turn soon?


Well, it looks like the last leg of the journey is finally here. Just 3 more weeks and these 4 long years would come to an end. Finally.

I think my greatest achievement has been being able to learn another language. No, not mandrain, though I have to say that during the chinese camp I did see aspects of the language which was interesting. I must say it hasn’t been easy studying Japanese. Especially this last semester when it took me nearly 5 hours to prepare for one 2-hour tutorial. And with 2 2-hour tutorials, 1 1-hour tutorial, and one 2-hour lecture, most of the week had always been studying Japanese and leaving Maths aside. Which was kinda sad.

“Hello Windows Vista!”, “How are you today?”

I saw that “Speech recognition” was listed as a feature for Vista and didn’t think much of it. Afterall, having used the premire state-of-the-art “Dragon Naturally Speaking” a couple of years ago, and remembering the vast amounts of training the software requires, and even after that still have a bit of trouble getting it to work effectively, well, let’s just say I wasn’t too impressed.

BUT seeing the one installed on Vista, there’s this video of someone using it here, I thought, “Wow”. It’s not bad. If I had it I’ll probably not use it. But seeing how you can possibly surf the internet with it, I think Vista might be a nice upgrade for physically-challenged societies.

Japanese Blog 開始!

Unseen forces (such as being played out by my friend who wanted to take the last module of Japanese offered by the University, who then told me he was dropping it due to other commitments) seem to govern my life. And certainly it’s not the first time such a time has happened. And most of the time, it turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Haha.

So as a requirement for my Japanese module, I am “forced” to start a blog in Japanese that my Professor will visit read and grade! Haha! So for anyone interested in experiencing really bad Japanese, you’re welcome to visit.


Why mooching is wrong.

The recent letters to the ST Forum showing an outpouring of sympathy towards the unfortunate teenager who was caught mooching leaves a somewhat unpleasant taste in my mouth. Perhaps my values are slightly different from that of the average person. Then again, maybe not.

Mooching is most definately wrong. One writer drew the analogy of having two neighbours with one having a sprinkler water his garden and the other “benefitting” from whatever extra water that happens to spill over. The claim was that surely the one “benefitting” cannot to held liable for whatever “benefits” he or she receives. Well, I would agree. However in this case, the one “benefitting” did not need to do anything to obtain his “benefit”. In mooching, the would be moocher must log-on the other person’s network. That is a deliberate action to access. So, is this deliberate action wrong?

I would draw the analogy of an ignorant person leaving his or her home unlocked when they go out. A passerby notices that the door is unlocked and decides that now is a good time to relieve himself in the owner’s restroom. The passerby then leaves the house without touching anything else. Is the passerby wrong in his action? There was no intent to steal. Neither was anything stolen. The owner would never have noticed that their toilet had been used by someone else. However it does not change the fact that the passerby is guilt of trespass. But the ignorant owner did not lock their door! It is against common sense to leave the house without locking the door. Yes, but that doesn’t making trepassing any less of a crime then if the door was locked. Indeed the owner is silly for not trying to protect their property but it doesn’t mean that because there is a lack of protection it is then alright to trespass and use whatever facilities they have.

Thus mooching should therefore be a crime.

The other unsettling thing is that some people appear to think that everyone else is like them. It was not stated in the papers what type of connection the neighbour was having. For all one knows, it may not have been an unlimited account. Why is it alright to assume that if there is a wireless network present that the account would be unlimited? A person mooching onto such a network would then be running up a bill for the owner of the network. Would that now make it less right for the supporters of Mooching? Incidentally, it is consider a breach of contract if the owner is found to be sharing their network as one of the terms and conditions of the service provided by the ISP is that resale (or providing the service) to a third party (for profit or otherwise) is not allowed.

Another writer claims that the IEEE specification standard stipulates that any unsecured network is free to access. First of all find myself unable to locate the paragraph in the specification that supports his claim. If someone would like to help me locate this paragraph (you can find the document here) I would greatly appreciate it. Secondly, if you have seen the specification before, this claim sounds to me like an elite hiding behind a sophisticated document, using it to justify his actions to the ignorant owner of the network. Even I (I consider myself to be generally computer literate) find the document rather difficult to read let alone the average buyer of a wireless router. I suppose it can be considered common sense to secure a network but can one consider it common sense to know how to do so? Thus, when the owner finds that someone else to taking advantage of their ignorance, have they no course of action to protect themselves? Should we simply laugh in their faces, remarking how stupid they are, stating that they have to let the trespasser go because he or she has done no wrong? This reminds me of a comment made recently by another elite.

Personally, I think that the respect for another’s space and property appears to have been corroded away by all the things that we can obtain for free. Youtube is free. Music can be obtained free. Information on the Internet is free. The recent years of getting many things for free have made it seem that anything to do with the Internet should be free. And we seem to be saying, well, it’s our God damn right! It should be free!

Damn it! I’m asking for your opinion! Not how I look!

My math lecturer recently recommended a rather comical clip, probably recorded by a student, of a professor from NTU school of engineering. While I thought it was really funny, I realised that it was not the lecturer who I was laughing at but the students. I is indeed shocking to note that the calibre of some students in Singapore undergoing tertiary education leaves much to be desired. Or am I too critical?

While many people profess the need for the freedom of speech, I feel that without people having a sense of responsibility in what they say, it is a liberty that I would happily live without.